Reviving Indigenous Music and Culture through Culturally Appropriate Education

Tranby National Indigenous Adult Education Centre in Glebe, NSW, formerly known as Tranby Aboriginal College, was started by local Aboriginal Elders in collaboration with an Anglican minister, Rev. Finch. Tranby is entirely governed by Aboriginal Elders, and provides a range of pre-tertiary courses to Indigenous Australians. In 2006 I graduated from Tranby with the Advanced Diploma in Aboriginal Studies, and in 2008 with the Diploma in National Indigenous Legal Advocacy. The Indigenous community accreditation and reconnection to culture that Tranby provides, supports Indigenous music and ceremony. Australian Government funding was withdrawn from Tranby in 2009, but it has continued with corporate sponsor funding. Tranby brings students from all over Australia together, to study in a welcoming, culturally appropriate setting, seen in the non-Western architecture depicted in my painting. These buildings were fashioned from the interior of a colonial house, which reflects how our Indigenous cultures and musics sit at the heart of all Australian culture.

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