CovidSafe Music Performance : Sally Walker’s Flute Concerts for One

Today I attended an ANU Music School Postgraduate Zoom Seminar, to hear brilliant Australian flautist Sally Walker speaking about her wide ranging work as a performer, conference presenter, music teacher and author. Sally’s versatile performance repertoire includes early music, flute improvisation with many ethnic musicians, classical, contemporary and baroque works. Sally is also exploring a brilliant new musical strategy that accommodates Australian Covid-19 pandemic conditions, by responding to the needs and musical tastes of an attentive audience of one – Flute Concerts for One. Sally’s ESP-like sensitivity to her solo listeners, comfortably seated at the required Covid Safe distance, enables her to synchronise her live flute performances and improvisations seamlessly, to the listener’s responses to her music. Hopefully her stress relieving live mini-concerts will outlive the pandemic era.

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